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The Almighty Beacon is back! An MD classic, the Beacon is a fun feature that beams a pulsating orb of light in your site’s header to alert reader’s of any important messages in a gentle, yet alluring way.

Originally designed for freelancers to show off their work availability, the Beacon is particularly useful for sending messages that have a limited time offer, or show the status of something with its on and off state.

When the Beacon is on, it will pulsate a green light from the header in a subtle way that is hard to miss.

When the Beacon is off it will dim itself out with a message left inside, which can be used to build the suspense in the viewer’s mind and strengthen the signal when it is turned back on.

Once installed you have full control of the text settings and Beacon status from the WordPress admin dashboard. Since the message of the Beacon can change at any time, its settings have been conveniently located on the front screen when you login to your admin.

The Beacon is perfectly formatted for both desktop and mobile. Hover over the light to reveal the message inside on desktop, and tap it on mobile to toggle the message.

This feature is sure to add a fun twist to your website and is only a simple installation away! See a live demo and read the installation instructions below.


The Beacon

The Beacon

How the Beacon appears when its status is set to off

The Beacon admin settings

The simple Beacon settings in the top right corner in the WordPress dashboard


Read the Dropin Installation Guide for general instructions on how to install any MD Dropin, including the Beacon Dropin.

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