Power-packed with professional writing tools and a precise design system for fast content creation. Perfect for avid writers and content marketers.

Key features:

  • WordPress Theme Framework
  • Simple layout + design settings
  • Endlessly customizable

Adds a simple footnotes interface to your post editor so you can easily create and place references.

Key features:

  • Footnotes post manager
  • Toggle footnotes layout in-post
  • Display footnotes in gutter

Feature stylizing code blocks throughout your posts with inline docs and easy post meta controls.

Key features:

  • Adds the <code>prism.js</code> library
  • Custom code post meta inputs
  • Beautiful code formatting

Create an alphabetical listing of terms and definitions with the SEO optimized Glossary drop-in.

Key features:

  • SEO optimized definitions pages
  • Custom post type for easy creation
  • Alphabetical page template ordering

Registers a Testimonials custom post type for easy entry and creates a single page listing all items.

Key features:

  • Add Testimonials post type
  • Fill-in quote author details
  • Generate Testimonials page

Get a headstart on creating your own Drop-ins with this easy to use generator from the MD dashboard.

Key features:

  • Create new Drop-ins from WP admin
  • Auto-install Drop-in to site
  • Download Drop-in files to local

Add a styled list of related posts by category after the current post.

Key features:

  • Show related posts
  • Adapts to full width or content layout
  • Easy to customize

Integrate WooCommerce into your site layout for better design harmony and full page controls.

Key features:

  • Adds layout + style support
  • Add shopping cart to header
  • Post meta layout controls

A more lightweight take on the WP admin bar. No jQuery, and fully customizable menu links.

Key features:

  • Light, no jQuery admin bar
  • Select your own admin links
  • Take fast WP actions

Add a deeper integration of The Events Calendar plugin into your site’s style and layout.

Key features:

  • Calendar layout + styles
  • Adds post meta controls

Take control of WordPress with Marketers Delight

With the MD Theme and Drop-ins Library you can create a beautiful website design system that enables you to publish content fast. Seal the deal with lead generation tools to grow your audience along the way.

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Drop-ins Generator
Related Posts
Admin Bar
Events Calendar

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