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Marketers Delight is a battle-tested theme + framework for creating fast and power-packed websites.

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Activate advanced features on your site without a complex web of Plugins, all built on a reliable website ecosystem.

Speed and performance is priority #1 and all of your site's power features are hand built with invisibly small scripts + styles.

Manage your site settings from your WP admin panel and even custom develop your own workflows with rich dev tools.

MD is more than a theme, try it out now!

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  • Convert visitors to subscribers with MD Optins tools
  • Integrate services like MailChimp, Adobe Fonts, YouTube, and others
  • Add blogging tools like the Stream and Bookshelf to offer new kinds of content to your audience
  • Optimize your site out of the box
  • Add share + like buttons to your posts
  • ...and much more!

Extend your site with Drop-ins

Add new power features and templates to your website with the easy-to-use Drop-ins Manager.

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Manage your site the way you want

Build every website different and more according to specs by hosting your features in the MD Drop-ins Manager.

Similar to WP Plugins, Drop-ins are specially built to add and extend features across your site(s) with ease.

Built deeply into the same framework as MD's power features, Drop-ins are capable of advanced and game-changing tools you and your audience will love.

Site Design

Design and manage your site's important brand and layout decisions from a system-wide overview.

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From your words forward

Did you know that fonts, words, and invisible space are the heart of your entire website's design?

MD is known for its well-spaced design and that's thanks to the robust typography system that scales with each site's design.

From sweeping admin settings to rich dev and compiler tools, you can design more precise websites with smarter code.

Design with MD + WordPress

  • Set brand colors, logos, custom fonts, typography, and other design rules
  • Use the MD Icons Manager to manage a tiny font icons library (speed boost)
  • Set custom archive loops, manage bylines, create custom sidebars, and other layout decisions
  • Add custom tracking scripts, connect to Google Fonts, and minify your stylesheets

Writing Tools

Design your website around your words and use built-in writing tools and live preview to increase your proficiency.

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Write better

WordPress is a place for publishing, and MD offers both additional writing tools and full support for the new Block Editor.

Combined with your Fonts & Typography choices, you can see your words as they will appear on your site in real-time!

Your words are what create action and transmit ideas, and MD gives you a wide range of tools to maximize those results.

MD's top writing tools

  • In-post layout options for quickly removing elements from pages
  • Add and manage footnotes with the Footnotes Manager
  • Attach featured videos and multiple featured image positions
  • Use Call to Action Blocks in the Gutenberg editor
  • ...and much more!
Marketers Delight WordPress theme

New in Marketers Delight

The latest notes & site activity from the MD Labs.

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Writing JavaScript to Delight

Identical to how dynamic CSS templates, MD5.5 introduces a new JavaScript compiler that ensures your site is always loading the lightest amount of custom JS code from the MD core theme and Drop-ins.

Long story short, to enhance the interactivity and functionality of a page you can write custom JavaScript. You can target things like “when a user clicked”, “when a user scrolled”, etc. and make live changes to your website in the browser.

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LinkPages, by Marketers Delight

LinkPages Beta now on

The upcoming LinkPages drop-in is now in beta and the latest version is running right here on the Marketers Delight website! This dorp-in is going to be a lot of fun and may even add a whole new type of content you can easily curate and bring to your audience.

Private beta testing will open soon — keep an eye on your email for an invite! Until then, you can see the LinkPages beta page right here.

New header for MD members

MD5.4.2 is coming soon, and has a few new features and support for a major new Drop-in. But more on that later…

One of the new minor features of MD5.4.2 is the ability to set a custom header menu for logged-in users only, and I just used it to create a totally new navigation experience on

To really get the most out of it, I packed the logged-in members menu here to give you quicker access to MD resources. When you log out, you will return to the normal menu with less links geared toward introducing and selling MD to new members.

Lots have been brewing in the MD Labs, stay tuned!


Leo’s at it again!

Our very own Leo Gopal just authored our newest MD Drop-in, aptly named: Reading Time—a snazzy little Drop-in that lets you automatically add the reading time to the beginning of your posts.


Add Estimated Reading Time to Posts

Give your readers another small reason to read your blog posts with this simple addition to your post byline. The Reading Time drop-in simply calculates how long it should take to read a post and displays that time beneath the headline. Nothing more, nothing less.

How to build custom popups with a click to trigger link

Popups are a useful element for capturing attention and displaying information in a “break out of the box” kind of way. From converting more leads to displaying supplementary content, popups are an element that should be in your toolbox no matter what kind of site you run. From a development standpoint, popups are not always […]

Add Estimated Reading Time to Posts

Give your readers another small reason to read your blog posts with this simple addition to your post byline. The Reading Time drop-in simply calculates how long it should take to read a post and displays that time beneath the headline. Nothing more, nothing less.

Add custom items to post byline with admin controls

From MD > Site Design > Content you can control the different items that show in your post and page bylines with simple checkbox controls. Marketers Delight supports many byline items already, such as the latest post date, post author, comments count, post category, and others. To add your own custom byline items to byline […]
LinkPages, by Marketers Delight