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Marketers Delight is a battle-tested theme + framework for creating fast and power-packed websites.

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Do more with less

Activate advanced features on your site without a complex web of Plugins, all built on a reliable website ecosystem.

Speed and performance is priority #1 and all of your site's power features are hand built with invisibly small scripts + styles.

Manage your site settings from your WP admin panel and even custom develop your own workflows with rich dev tools.

MD is more than a theme, try it out now!

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  • Convert visitors to subscribers with MD Optins tools
  • Integrate services like MailChimp, Adobe Fonts, YouTube, and others
  • Add blogging tools like the Stream and Bookshelf to offer new kinds of content to your audience
  • Optimize your site out of the box
  • Add share + like buttons to your posts
  • ...and much more!

Extend your site with Drop-ins

Add new power features and templates to your website with the easy-to-use Drop-ins Manager.

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Manage your site the way you want

Build every website different and more according to specs by hosting your features in the MD Drop-ins Manager.

Similar to WP Plugins, Drop-ins are specially built to add and extend features across your site(s) with ease.

Built deeply into the same framework as MD's power features, Drop-ins are capable of advanced and game-changing tools you and your audience will love.

Site Design

Design and manage your site's important brand and layout decisions from a system-wide overview.

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From your words forward

Did you know that fonts, words, and invisible space are the heart of your entire website's design?

MD is known for its well-spaced design and that's thanks to the robust typography system that scales with each site's design.

From sweeping admin settings to rich dev and compiler tools, you can design more precise websites with smarter code.

Design with MD + WordPress

  • Set brand colors, logos, custom fonts, typography, and other design rules
  • Use the MD Icons Manager to manage a tiny font icons library (speed boost)
  • Set custom archive loops, manage bylines, create custom sidebars, and other layout decisions
  • Add custom tracking scripts, connect to Google Fonts, and minify your stylesheets

Writing Tools

Design your website around your words and use built-in writing tools and live preview to increase your proficiency.

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Write better

WordPress is a place for publishing, and MD offers both additional writing tools and full support for the new Block Editor.

Combined with your Fonts & Typography choices, you can see your words as they will appear on your site in real-time!

Your words are what create action and transmit ideas, and MD gives you a wide range of tools to maximize those results.

MD's top writing tools

  • In-post layout options for quickly removing elements from pages
  • Add and manage footnotes with the Footnotes Manager
  • Attach featured videos and multiple featured image positions
  • Use Call to Action Blocks in the Gutenberg editor
  • ...and much more!
Marketers Delight WordPress theme

New in Marketers Delight

The latest notes & site activity from the MD Labs.

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The Events Calendar 6.0 Styles + Bonus Features

The Events Calendar 6.0 plugin has been released, and it arrives as a complete calendar solution that is practical for any small businesses and advanced bloggers. For full style compatibility and bonus features, The Events Calendar Drop-in for Marketers Delight adds perfect design integration of this powerful Events plugin right into your websites! Simply download[...]

Marketers Delight 5.5.5 now available

The Marketers Delight 5.5.5 maintenance and developer release is now awaiting you in your MD dashboard! To update, make sure you have an active license key connected to your website and customer account to receive easy one-click updates and access to the latest release.

To see what’s included in the full update, including drop-in updates, read the MD changelogs: Each drop-in update is only applicable to drop-ins you have installed to your website(s).

Glossary 1.3.3 New!

See what's new:
  • Adds proper Comment Block to main drop-in file so it can be included in MD's auto-updater. To enroll the Glossary in updates for the next version, download and manually install this update and you will be able to use the one-click updater for future releases.

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Marketers Delight 5.5.5 New!

See what's new:
  • Applies more consistent class names/markup strcture when cycling between main/secondary logo color schemes in the header
  • SImplifies the localization of admin data passed to the Block Editor and other parts of the WP admin (deprecates md_localize_scripts())
  • Updates all md_has( 'popups' ) drop-in checks to now search for optins

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Perfecting the Easy Digital Downloads 3.0 upgrade

It turns out that after upgrading to Easy Digital Downloads 3.0, a couple of important pages on the website started to load very slowly. No issues had surfaced for some days, but a small detail had started to pile up.

A performance headache, the MD account area has been loading much slower lately. It is a highly customized page (only available to MD customers) that neatly lists all direct downloads of the MD theme and drop-ins.

Thanks to the EDD developer’s foresight, a helpful clue left behind held the next clue for what to do should you see a “performance hit” after upgrading:

The main motivation behind this change was speed. Working with the legacy EDD_Payment object (and associated edd_get_payment() and edd_get_users_purchases() functions) is a performance hit. We have to navigate through multiple backwards compatibility layers to build up that object.

Oh, look, the exact functions used to design our custom account area are now even slower!

After some late night digging I rewrote an important part of the account area that relied on the now old standards. With some adjustments, the newly optimized data formats of EDD3.0 are now streaming through the MD account area!

A nice upgrade, and at no effort to you.

Drop-ins Generator 1.2.1 New!

See what's new:
  • Live color pickers were broken now that MD no longer users wpColorPicker, so this update adds compatibility with the new jscolor library shipped in MD5.5.3 to restore live color change functionality.

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Optins 1.0.7 New!

See what's new:
  • Optins 1.0.7 New display locations for inline CTA boxes. You can now insert inline CTAs before/after the first h2 headings in posts, or after the first p paragraph.

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