Introducing the New Theme and Drop-ins Upgrader in Marketers Delight 5.4

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  • One-click theme + drop-in updates from the WordPress dashboard
  • Get a quick view of new updates from the MD Dashboard
  • Marketers Delight 5.4 is now available. New drop-ins are waiting for you in your MD Account

After a quiet release yesterday a brand new upgrades system in MD5.4 is ready to go. You can now one-click upgrade new versions of the MD theme and now its fleet of official Drop-ins in a convenient way from your WordPress admin!

See what’s new in
Marketers Delight 5.4

MD5.4 is now waiting for you in your website’s dashboard! Go to Appearance > Themes to update your site now with the included bug fixes, enhancements, and more:

  • NEW: A new theme + upgrades system that makes updating the entire MD suite a seamless experience
  • Adds new “Updates” panel to the MD dashboard
  • Adds a one-click update nag to Drop-ins Manager

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From long before Drop-ins were first introduced to Marketers Delight, it has been a goal to make delivering new updates to you in a seamless way that required minimal effort on both ends.

It should not be cumbersome to change the code base or build new features into our products, nor should it be any harder than sending an email to deliver the new version neatly packaged to your websites.

Conversely, when you update your software you should have confidence that things will just work and existing systems won’t break and any new features only improve your existing capabilities.

In a stunning announcement to merge both of those worlds together, I am excited to share with you the all-new MD theme + drop-ins upgrades system in Marketers Delight 5.4!

One-click theme + drop-in updates from the WordPress dashboard

Upgrade Drop-ins from WordPress dashboard

Similar to how you interact with WordPress Plugins you can now get seamless updates to MD Drop-ins with the new upgrade notifications in your dashboard.

…ugh, more stuff to update?

It can be scary to update things so much effort went into developing the concept of Drop-ins over the years before arriving at this point today.

Unlike many WP plugins, MD drop-ins are built in a harmonious way with the MD theme that keep them extremely lightweight, stable, and easy to continue building upon.

With a marriage between your powerful Drop-ins and a one-click way to keep them up-to-date, I am happy to be able to bring to you the full realization of what the MD marketing framework can become.

Get a quick view of new updates from the MD Dashboard

The way you connect your website to your has been updated to be far more seamless, and entering your license key will make your site eligible to receive these new one-click updates of everything related to MD:

Update Marketers Delight from your WordPress dashboard
Welcome to the new Updates center

Out of the box, all built-in Drop-ins that came with your download of Marketers Delight will already start receiving new updates when ready.

I am happy to tell you that any other of your favorite drop-ins from the official Drop-ins Library will also receive upgrades through the same system and will remain active for the duration of your license period.

Marketers Delight 5.4 is now available. New drop-ins are waiting for you in your MD Account

While this was a massive development undertaking and we have great plans to continue to expand upon the convenience of this new upgrades system, we are already looking ahead and delivering brand new drop-ins and updates to existing ones next.

In the meantime, go ahead and upgrade to Marketers Delight 5.4 from your WordPress dashboard now and get on this new system. That way you’ll be ready for that new stuff, truly, as soon as it’s ready.

Start Building Websites That Delight

You can use the Marketers Delight WordPress Theme on unlimited sites. New features & updates are delivered to sites with your active license key.

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The Messenger

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Hi everybody, exciting news out of the MD Labs today! Marketers Delight 5.4 is now available and brings an entirely new upgrader system to your websites. That means you can now one-click upgrade to get new drop-in versions delivered to your site without leaving your admin dashboard!

Once your site is running MD5.4 (go to Appearance > Themes to update), go back to the MD dashboard to check your site for new drop-in updates.

View image at the forums

You can also manage updates from the Drop-ins Manager:

View image at the forums

The new upgrades system is for sites with your active license only, and is connected to the Drop-ins you've downloaded through the area. So, if you have a favorite drop-in you want to keep up to date, make sure you get settled into Marketers Delight 5.4 right now!

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    • aaand how long have we talked about this for?! Looking far above the development feats, the caliber of work this system will now help us produce is out of this world!

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