Marketers Delight 5.0 Supercharges Your Site With Next Generation WordPress Marketing Tools

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  • See What's New in Marketers Delight 5.0
  • The New Site Design Offers Smarter and More Flexible Controls
  • Turn More Readers into Subscribers With MD Optins
  • Floating Bar Optins: "The highest converting email forms I've ever used"
  • Deploy Beautiful Email Forms Throughout Your Site
  • The Final Touch...
  • How to Upgrade to Marketers Delight 5.0
  • See The Full Changelog
  • The New Vision For Marketers Delight and What's Next

After hundreds of hours in the making Marketers Delight 5.0 is finally available for download! In this post I will take you through the new features and upgrade guide.

See What’s New in MD5.0

The next generation of Marketers Delight is here, and your site is now equipped with the most integrated and powerful Optin Forms and Site Design tools built right into the MD Dashboard.

  • NEW: Deploy Floating Bars, Popups, and Email Forms with the brand new MD Optins
  • Simple and more robust design + typography controls
  • Better font scaling, brand coloring, and better design settings
  • Redesigned Author Box and Featured Image covers
  • Revamped file system with child theme CSS and HTML templates, introducing the newly refined MDAPI
  • Tons of admin improvements, simplified data structures
  • …and so much more!
  • Don’t miss it: Read the MD5.0 upgrade guide

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The next generation of MD delivers powerful new email marketing features with a radically simplified site design experience and thousands of core improvements to bring your site the most complete and robust version of Marketers Delight ever.

Rebuilt from the ground up to master WordPress, MD5.0 is a rock-solid new platform for building extensive content and blog marketing websites.

At its core, MD5.0 is a powerful suite of ready-made writing and optin tools that you can use to begin publishing engaging content immediately.

But dive a step deeper, and a powerful world of new MD customization tools have been unleashed into your site that will propel the growth of MD’s development to go faster than ever.

Marketers Delight 5.0 is available for use on brand new sites right now, and much effort has been taken during development to offer you a smooth upgrade experience for existing sites (see the MD5.0 upgrade guide).

From here, I would be delighted to give you a tour of what’s new in MD. You can take a look at the redesigned front page for the best features tour of Marketers Delight 5.0, so I will cover the highlights below.

See What’s New in Marketers Delight 5.0

Marketers Delight 5.0 is a nearly complete rewrite of the software, bringing powerful new features and blazing fast website optimizations like never seen before.

MD Optins is the main new feature, offering incredibly flexible new kinds of email forms, popups, and the new floating bars optins to your site. Thanks to the brand new MD API in version 5.0 the controls you have allow you to customize these optins beautifully while also deploying them around your site with true precision.

In addition to MD Optins, the Site Designer has been totally re-imagined into a simpler settings panel with more powerful implications.

By moving your design controls out of the WordPress Customizer and to the fast-loading MD settings screen you can now make design changes across your site without distractions and get to know your site a whole lot more.

Finally, MD5.0 brings a variety of interface enhancements, easier to use options, and a rich new world of development tools (which are already starting to be documented).

An example of the new Email Forms feature in MD Optins

The New Site Design Offers Smarter and More Flexible Controls

Gone away with the slow Customizer, your design tools have been upgraded to the simpler yet far more flexible and growing MD Site Design settings.

Marketers Delight Site Design

The Site Colors panel sets the tone for your website where it holds color settings to help match your brand. Adjust the Primary and Secondary Colors with your main site brand colors and an Accent for other elements.

Here the global text, links, buttons, and other site elements colors can be adjusted. Anytime you need to change the main colors of your site, come to this panel to make fast and sweeping changes across your website.

Next in the Site Designer, the entire MD typography system has been fine-tuned to offer better outcomes for your various font adjustments. With quick Google Fonts and Typekit integrations you can quickly turn your website into a beautifully formatted piece of art.

To get the best results with the Fonts and Typography system approach it with the mindset of “less is more.” Allow MD to do the hard work for you and also know you can change the font sizes, line heights, weights, and family of the most crucial typographical elements around your site.

The Body font size of your document is the most important part of the MD typography system. From the font size value you set, ALL spacing and font sizes will adjust themselves (unless you set your own values).

MD takes the initiative to solve the classic design problem of keeping the rest of your design in sync with your new font sizes and line heights.

No more will you change your posts font size and have to worry about making the content box wider… MD does all of that for you!

As MD is primarily writing focused, it also helps you design your post titles and headings more accurately. For example, you most likely want to make your paragraph text and larger headlines vastly different from each other so all h2-h5 tags will inherit its most important properties from the h1 settings.

In other words, if you make your post title a Google Font called “Merriweather” and make it bold, all other headings will inherit the same properties without further adjustments needed.

Pay attention to the value you are editing as it will tell you its current measurement or if it inherits its value from another element.

With Marketers Delight 5.0, your website will read better than ever with a more intuition-driven typography engine.

Turn More Readers into Subscribers With MD Optins

Marketers Delight 5.0 takes the potential of the previous optin forms system you’ve come to know and took it to a monstrous new level of performance, flexibility, and getting results.

Marketers Delight Floating Bars and Popups Optins Forms

Armed with three new kinds of optin form systems you can turn your site into a smooth and highly conversion-optimized place. MD Optins adds new Email Forms, Floating Bars, and Popups features to its new Optins suite.

Here’s an example from the new Popups Designer:

Popups Designer in Marketers Delight.

The Popups Designer has been completely rebuilt and made into one of the smoothest popups builders available for WordPress!

Marketers Delight 5.0 comes with FIVE custom popup templates you can morph your offers into.

The screenshot above is an example of the “Holy Grail” template that comes with full text, image, and design controls. More are coming soon. Remember, there are five templates to choose from with the ability to create a custom HTML popups with MD helper classes.

Deploying them around your site with various display rules is now easier than ever with simple settings attached to every popup:

Choose where to add popups to key points around your website, and adjust the popup show method to show after X seconds, show on exit intent, and show after percentage scroll of page. Adjust timing and even set cookies to hide popups after they are closed.

Overall the entire popups system has been radically simplified and allows you to design much better and more persuasive popups.

For example you can create a multi-step popup by linking two popups together with the button settings. Use different popup templates for new product releases or a flash sale, and enjoy the flexibility of the new designer.

Floating Bar Optins: “The highest converting email forms I’ve ever used”

I was so excited to build the new Floating Bar optin forms into MD5.0 because it has always been the highest converting optin forms for my clients.

Now you can add this useful web element around your site and deploy them in similar ways to Popups:

Floating Bar Optins

Whether you need a Floating Bar for cookie messages or as a subtle optin offer to add to pages, this is a feature every MD website needs to use!

Deploy Beautiful Email Forms Throughout Your Site

The final part of MD Optins is the new Email Forms system which let’s you quickly create and deploy customized email forms around your site in similar ways to Popups and Floating Bars.

Think of this as a better version of the old Email Page Lead.

The Final Touch…

With Marketers Delight 5.0 you now have far more options to create unique kinds of optin forms and deploy them throughout your website. Not only can you deploy optins sitewide, but you can also create custom optins per page with simple Optins settings available below the WordPress posts editor:

Add and remove other optins that may also be on the page to ensure the cleanest reading experience possible. MD Optins gives you a lot of control to offer respectable offers, so use that control to better your audience, not annoy them.

How to Upgrade to Marketers Delight 5.0

Upgrading your existing site running MD4.9.x to MD5.0 is possible and despite being a major new version, should go smoothly. Much precaution was taken throughout development, and a dedicated upgrader system has been built to port your site data as smoothly as possible.

Ready to update to MD5.0?

Go to Appearance in your WordPress admin to get the new update.
Before you update, make sure your site is on the latest version of WordPress. You must have an active license key to get MD updates!

  Download MD5.0 Read Upgrade Guide

See The Full Changelog

To see a high-level list of the many changes made to Marketers Delight 5.0, read the Changelog entry here for version 5.0.

The New Vision For Marketers Delight and What’s Next

Now that your sites are upgrading to Marketers Delight 5.0, we will get back on schedule to regular new content and updates at a faster pace than ever before!

The foundation MD5.0 sets us up to build the powerful new features you’ve been asking for and you are going to be amazed at what will be possible on your sites from here.

I have much more to say about Marketers Delight 5.0 but I want to focus fully on getting your site upgraded safely.

That’s why I have dedicated extra hours by creating the MD5.0 Upgrade Guide to walk you through every possible step you will need to take to safely upgrade your site. I am even back at the MD Forums to answer any questions for doing the upgrade yourself.

…but sometimes that isn’t enough. If you don’t have the time or you would prefer me, Alex (the creator of MD), to upgrade your site I can handle everything for you.

In addition to upgrading your site to Marketers Delight 5.0, I will also fully optimize and clean up your child theme for best performance and organization. I will also give you a list of other recommendations I see for you to further optimize your site.

To do this for you I am charging a one time fee of $75 here with a turnaround within a week (usually no more than a few days). If you also need to update your license key to get MD5.0 I will give you a package deal.

Remember, between the MD updater, upgrade guide, and support forums, you have what you need to update your site, so this offer is for those of you that want it done with a professional edge.

Read: The MD5.0 Upgrade Guide
For Hire: Hire Alex to upgrade and optimize your site

Start Building Websites That Delight

You can use the Marketers Delight WordPress Theme on unlimited sites. New features & updates are delivered to sites with your active license key.

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  1. Congrats Alex!

    Everything looks so clean and streamlined. I’m especially excited about MD’s revamped email forms.

    I’ll see you around the forums.

    • Thank you!

      Last minute I had a realization that “Email Forms” should be called “Call to Actions” with a button link or popups as well, so the screenshots in the post don’t quite add up, but I think you will love the result all the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The freaking did it bro! 5.0 is a massive accomplishment. This is already taking my site to the next level. Thank you!

  3. Hey Alex, looking forward to updating! So Page Leads are removed, right? I use a ton of them, what’s the best way of keeping the functionality?

    • Hey Alex can’t wait to see what you make with MD5.0!

      Read the upgrade guide carefully as I have provided instructions on how to keep your Page Leads. They can now be installed as a Dropin and have full support for the new version so you won’t be left behind. ๐Ÿ™‚

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