Marketers Delight 4.9.6 Adds Share Notice Block, Thank You Page Email Redirect, and Other Improvements

Today MD4.9.6 is released with two notable new features and a handful of bug fixes and improvements. This is the first new release in a few months during the ongoing development of Marketers Delight 5.0 and I am excited to show you what’s new and talk about the future.

See What’s New in
Marketers Delight 4.9.6

MD4.9.6 is a small new release with two new useful features and bug fixes. See what’s new below and go update your site now from your WordPress admin panel!

  • NEW: Add share messages through your posts with the new Share Notice block.
  • NEW: Set a custom Thank You page to direct new subscribers to after email signup (available for AWeber and MailerLite only)
  • Deprecates Google + share button
  • Fixes bug that shows the Featured Image Header cover out of place
  • Fixes a bug that shows an empty featured image overlay on the Blog
  • Fixes broken spacing in Blocks editor when .alignfull class is applied
  • See full changelog

Before I show you what’s new in MD4.9.6 I just wanted to thank you for the great so many of you have done with creating new sites on Marketers Delight over the past few months, and for your patience as I get my personal life back in order and my vision for MD clear again.

The heart of the MD community lies at the Forums, where some of the best discussions and progress for Marketers Delight happens even when new releases and tutorials aren’t published over here at the blog.

What has made today’s new release and many other past releases possible is the feedback you write to me in the Forums, and those of you post there will always have priority and a direct line to my ear that can shape the future of the MD product.

With that being said, let’s dive into what’s new in Marketers Delight 4.9.6!

Create Shareable Quotes With the Beautiful New Share Notice Block

The ability to create interactive content is what makes Marketers Delight one of the most fun WordPress themes around, and the new Share Notice Block for the WordPress Blocks Editor adds another powerful tool to your arsenal.

For as great as MD Share buttons are, they are not always the best way to entice people to share your posts. The Share Notice Block steps in to solve that problem by creating soundbites for people to instantly quote to their favorite social media sites.

For best results, you should quote your most insightful and engaging one-liners into these boxes and sprinkle them throughout your posts to not only create a new post element that looks beautiful, but also helps get your posts more traffic.

The Share Notice Block works in the new WordPress Blocks Editor and is extremely simply to implement in your posts. Simply search through the MD Blocks collection from the “Add new Block” prompt:

Add Share Notice Block to the Blocks Editor WordPress

…and an empty Share Notice box will appear in your content for you to start immediately typing into and customizing.

By default the Share Notice will go to Twitter, but you can choose from the following networks to share your quotes to:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

All you have to do is type your quote, select the network, and you are done! Using the same mechanisms from MD Share, the Share Notice adds no extra scripts or unneeded weight of its own and generates the share URL for you.

As a nice touch, the design will adjust accordingly to the network you choose, and you can even format your Share Notices with alignment, margin, and padding settings as well as the ability to add your own custom helper classes.

Having fun yet? Share Notices are exclusively apart of the unique and extremely useful Marketers Delight Blocks collection, and will be available for you to use after updating to MD4.9.6.

Redirect New Subscribers to Thank You Page After Email Form Signup

A highlight of the upcoming Marketers Delight 5.0 release is a major upgrade to the email forms and popups system where you will have more control over how your email forms display and track your conversion rates.

As a sneak peak of what’s to come, I included a highly requested feature that makes it possible for you to assign a Thank You page to redirect your subscribers to from within the MD email form settings!

Due to API restrictions of various email services, more work is needed to make this feature work across all of MD’s email integrations, but those of you who use AWeber and MailerLite can now assign the Thank You page right from the WP admin.

This feature is more of a convenient thing to have as this can all be done through the dashboard of the email provider of your choice, but the main feat here was opening up MD to taking even more control of your email forms.

After you update to MD4.9.6 you will see a setting to link your custom Thank You page to any email form you create from the MD admin settings:

Looking into the Future of MD5.0

Marketers Delight

I’ve mentioned Marketers Delight 5.0 a few times in this post and would like to post an update about it here. MD5.0 will be the biggest release ever and it focuses around a few critical components:

  • Overhauling the Popups system for better creations and templates
  • Improving the Email Forms system for better customization and tracking
  • Overhauling the internal MDAPI to make Dropins and other features more efficient to create and logically sound
  • Include an import/export system for settings, design settings, popups, templates, languages, and other kinds of modular content
  • Set the stage with the newly mentioned systems for the MD page builder

These items have been in development for a few months now and are really showing great progress. The Popups builder is one of the simplest you’ve ever seen with beautiful results, and the new MDAPI will open up an entire world of custom WordPress that you’ve never seen before!

I highly recommend you follow the progress at the MD Forums where I release sneak peaks and development progress all of the time, and where you can make your voice heard for the features you want to see in MD5.0 and beyond.

Until then I hope you enjoy the new Share Notices Block, Thank You page redirect, and feel some relief from the bug fixes included in MD4.9.6!

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  1. I really haven’t used Gutenberg Editor but the ‘Share Notice Block’ might just get me to make the switch.

    Does the Pinterest Block allow us to add images instead of text?

    Either way, great update Alex.

    • Hey Ray, I disable the Blocks Editor on a site by site basis and for myself tend to have the Disable Gutenberg plugin enabled because it allows you to choose a criteria for where the editor can and cannot be used (for example disable on certain posts or on all post types).

      In MD’s case, I made sure it is excluded from its custom post types like the Stream, Bookshelf, Testimonials Dropin, and others.

      Does the Pinterest Block allow us to add images instead of text?

      The Pinterest Block pulls the Featured Image attached to the post/page. Once this new feature starts getting used across MD sites I could see it valuable to add custom images per Block as a nice enhancement.

  2. Great to see MD still being updated, even though 5.0 might be just around the corner.

    Concerning the email provider custom thank you page; I allready have this enabled through Mailchimp list settings. Allthough you can’t use a custom URL for every form (just one per Mailchimp list), it works fine if all you want is one general landing page.