The New MD Admin Panel Streamlines Your WordPress Publishing Experience

To get this update, simply update both the Marketers Delight theme and plugin from your WordPress dashboard or download from your account.

Simple is Always Better

MD4.3.2 introduces a new admin experience that will make setting up and using MD a whole lot easier. Rather than jumping in between a bunch of different panels, all your MD settings can be found in one place under the Appearance tab.

The biggest problem that comes with building a product like MD is keeping things simple. How can new features and functionality be introduced without cluttering up the WordPress dashboard and be easy to use?

On an Internet full of endless possibilities, it’s easy to reinvent the wheel and come up with the “next greatest” thing to do that. It happens all the time.

But because myself and the people who trust Marketers Delight are after results, these types of pursuits are not on our radar.

Instead we look towards familiarity; what do we know already works and what’s the simplest way to implement it?

Simple is not always so in-your-face. Simple is not even something you always notice.

Simple just works and is the familiar feeling you get when you look at something and know exactly what to do.

Thanks to the proven systems behind WordPress and the subtle but powerful features of Marketers Delight, the new MD Admin Panel is another step towards a website solution that just works for you and one that you’ll love to use on all of your sites.

Jump Straight into Your Content With a Little Help on the Side

One of the biggest parts of unifying the MD Admin Panel was creating options that were easy to understand without help, but still give you some assistance when needed.

Rather than interrupting your workflow with various help sections throughout the interface, the MD Admin Panel homepage was designed as your welcome center and offers tips for getting around and links to tutorials to help you get the most out of MD.

Once you jump into the Page Leads or Email Forms section, it’s just you and your content from there. No annoying nags or unnecessary labels, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Nothing in MD is built without meaning and the smallest amount of input will bring you the biggest results.

Moving into the Future: MD’s First Addon (coming soon)

In case you haven’t noticed, one of the new sections of the MD Admin Panel is the Addons section. From there you can find a list of available addons that extend the functionality of Marketers Delight.

Currently, MD has 2 free addons:

Each and every update has brought new features, refinements, and bug fixes to Marketers Delight making it a little better over the past 6 months. While nowhere near a complete product in my eyes (though I’ve heard otherwise from some customers) MD has come a long way to becoming a solid website platform.

Thanks to this work and the great feedback I’ve gotten from you guys over this time, I’m excited to start working on the first premium addon for Marketers Delight that will take your email signup forms and offers to a completely new level.

It’s called MD Popups and I’ll have more info on that soon.

Learn more + see features →

Thank you for supporting Marketers Delight and trusting it for your own business. Let me know what you think of the new MD Admin Panel by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Hi Alex, current customer here. You’re putting in some serious work here Alex, update after update coming out, and not just small fixes, but noticeable, major improvements. I thought the next update will only come in october with the premium addons, so this was quite a surprise, positive of course. With Page leads MD is already the best WP theme for marketers in my eyes, it has proven itself in conversions in a very short period since I started using it, so I’m very thankful for you. You gotta feel great about yourself man, knowing that you create something that changes peoples lives. So I’m enjoying the massive advantages of MD. The only thing that I regret is that I didn’t start using it earlier. Keep innovating ๐Ÿ™‚

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