It’s been 3 days since I let you guys in on the new Marketers Delight, and what a ride so far! Your feedback and encouragement has been great and has further proven to me that this is the MD we’ve all been waiting for.

This is why I’m so excited to release this update, as it is the first of many towards polishing MD into an even better product.

The updates in this release are nothing huge, I mostly cleaned up some bugs with the spacing of some of the layout elements, added in language translation files, as well as a fixed a few little code bugs under-the-hood.

Before you can update, you’ll need to have your Marketers Delight Theme License Key enabled. If you haven’t done that yet or don’t know how, read these quick instructions.

Once your license key is enabled from your WordPress admin panel, head over to the Appearance > Themes menu to upgrade Marketers Delight in one-click!

Here are the 2 new features included in Marketers Delight 4.1.1:

1. One-Click Enable Sidebar on All Posts

One Click SidebarBy default, blog posts in Marketers Delight rock a one-column sidebar-less layout. This is a feature becoming more common these days in WordPress themes as websites get simpler and content becomes more focused.

However, there is still great value in having a sidebar when used correctly so it wasn’t something I wanted to rule out completely for Marketers Delight.

Until this update, the only way you could enable sidebars on posts was to edit your post and click “Add Sidebar” from the Layout Options meta box. This is very easy to do, but if you want a sidebar added to hundreds of older posts, it will get annoying very quickly going through this process over and over.

That’s why in MD4.1.1, I’ve added a feature that will let you enable sidebars on all posts and archive pages with just a click of the button. Go to Appearance > Customizer > Layout Options to enable.

Note: you may still remove and create custom sidebars on posts! Refer to the “Layout Options” meta box on the Edit Post screen for those controls.

2. Subtitles Plugin Support

Notice the fancy subtitle underneath the title of this post? That was done with Philip Arthur Moore’s free Subtitles plugin and a bit of styling from MD.

To activate this feature, just install the plugin and go edit any post to add your Subtitle. The Subtitle is added right underneath the area you add your post title. Too easy!

What Do You Think So Far?

I’m constantly looking for your guys’ feedback on MD, so if you’ve been using it the past few days I’d love to know your thoughts on how its helped you build your website in a comment below. Also, feel free to share anything you feel is missing as well as any other feedback you may have.

Even more, I’d love to see what your website looks like with MD! Is it better than Gabe’s? 😉 Consider this an opportunity to post your link onto Kolakube for free, so long as it’s running MD!

More good stuff coming soon, including an update to the Getting Started Guide as well as a start to a post series teaching you how to customize Marketers Delight with Child Themes.

Start Building Websites That Delight

You can use the Marketers Delight WordPress Theme on unlimited sites. New features & updates are delivered to sites with your active license key.

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Alex is the 29 years old creator of Marketers Delight.

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  1. Awesome Alex! I have my license key activated but there appears to be no option to upgrade in my WordPress Admin. I also don’t see it on the accounts page. Can’t wait to to test out all the new features!


    • Stephen, it looks like you’re on the previous version of Marketers Delight. You need to switch themes to MD4.1 in order to start getting these updates. MD4.1.1 is now in your account, so you can download that and install the theme and plugin to begin!

      Keep in mind, if coming over from MD4.0, that the Main Menu and Page Leads aren’t yet compatible with MD4.1.1. They’re the next projects I’m working on though!

      • Thanks so much Alex! I love the new design and am so excited to see where this is going. I just transitioned my site over to the new MD 4.1.1 and am working on reconfiguring the pages and header images. I really like how clean it is! Are there dimensions you recommend for the featured image types? I am a bit of trouble with the images getting cut off.

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