Make Money With Marketers Delight

From the casual blogger to a large web agency, there are many ways to make money with MD. Let’s combine our products with your skills to create a more profitable business together.

1Join the Affiliate Program

Earn a 20% commission on every person you refer who purchases the Marketers Delight WordPress Theme and related products.

  • Write an honest review of MD on your blog
  • Add a “Site build by MD” link to your footer
  • Pitch your link on social media

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2 Build websites for clients

Use MD + WordPress to make your custom WordPress website business easier. Take on full scale website re-designs and migrations, and setup maintenance services.

  • Non-coders: Use MD’s admin settings + tools to design websites
  • Coders: Use MD dev tools to custom build WordPress sites
  • Work with the MD team + community to support your business

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3 Sell drop-ins

Share, develop, and sell your own unique MD Drop-ins at the official Drop-ins Library. Get maximum exposure and sales, and build your reputation as an MD developer.

  • Release drop-ins that can be installed to any MD website
  • A fast way to build custom features and extend WordPress with MD dev tools
  • Setup your own WordPress + MD mods shop

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4 Sell child themes + styles

Have you created a custom child theme or set of styles that you love? Release them to the MD community free or paid for easy use on any MD + WordPress website.

  • Configure MD admin settings + drop-ins and example content
  • Ship custom child themes as an all-in-one package
  • Setup your own WordPress + MD styles shop

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