Today, Marketers Delight adds three new Gutenberg blocks that help you write more seamlessly in the editor and make your posts more engaging with specially designed Content Marketing Blocks.

Feature Highlights: See What’s New in Marketers Delight 4.9.3

MD4.9.3 is now available for instant download in your account area and available for one-click update in your WordPress admin panel. MD4.9.3 adds three new Gutenberg Blocks and a various internal improvements, including:

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The thing I have enjoyed most about using Gutenberg is the fact that my words look exactly as they appear from my fingers onto my websites.

This is in big part thanks to the editor, but also thanks to the work Marketers Delight does to style your fonts and text according to your MD design settings.

But what has really intrigued me about Gutenberg is the seamless image formatting and potential for adding using custom designed content blocks.

I’m not looking to use it as a total page builder as I do all of my custom design work through a WordPress child theme, but a visual editor that can finally handle complementary content elements like content upgrades, email forms, and other useful elements that can make my posts more visually interesting.

Well, I’ve finally put the finishing touches on THREE new Gutenberg Blocks that are now exclusively available in Marketers Delight 4.9.3! All you have to do is upgrade your site to the latest version in your WordPress dashboard to begin using them.

1.) Add Valuable In-Post Offers With the Content Upgrade Block

A Content Upgrade is a popular marketing concept that allows you to subtly offer your readers a call-to-action throughout your post where they can download bonus content from a specially designed popup, usually in exchange for an email address.

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I learned about the power of Content Upgrades while working with my friends over at StartupBros by watching their engagement and email signup numbers explode once they started sprinkling these specially made offers throughout their articles.

Apart from the obvious newsletter signups, the most powerful benefit of Content Upgrades comes from the perceived value they add to your posts.

Think about it: a post that comes with bonus content like a PDF or a worksheet your readers can use to follow along (especially on longer articles) adds a level of interaction and value that a post without simply can’t compete with.

Use Content Upgrades to offer this kind of bonus content to your most popular and information dense posts on your site, and I guarantee you will start to see higher rates of email signups and user engagement.

How to Add Content Upgrades to Your Posts

When you’re read to create a new Block in your post, simply click the Add New plus icon and either search for Content Upgrade, or scroll to the Marketers Delight Block category and add it from there.

How to Add the Content Upgrade Block to you post

You will now see the empty Content Upgrade Block in your post, and you can click inside it to begin typing out your message. You will also see as you click within the Block the editor sidebar will change over to the Content Upgrade settings.

This is where you can customize the design, connect a popup or link to the button, and make other simple decisions about the layout.

Of course, you can create and manage popups right from the Marketers Delight admin screen, and any popups you make will appear in the Block sidebar settings.

This Block was made to be pretty flexible, so have fun shaping each Content Upgrade to best fit the message you wish to convey to your readers and benefit from having a new lead generating tool right in your Blocks Editor!

2.) Highlight Key Points and Special Messages With the Callout Block

You already saw the Callout Block at the beginning of this post when I highlighted the key features of Marketers Delight 4.9.3. I created the Callout Block from my desire to show MD highlights in posts, and the result is something we can all benefit from.

Here are some ideas for how you too can use the Callout Block in your content:

5 Simple Ideas to Get the Most of the New <strong>Callout</strong> Block

5 Simple Ideas to Get the Most of the New Callout Block

The Callout Block was made to really standout in your posts and should be used to display key information about your post, or as a way to remind your readers of something important. Here are 5 simple use cases:

  • Idea #1: Summarize the key points at the end of your posts.
  • Idea #2: Add a disclaimer or reminder message to the top of your posts.
  • Idea #3: Add a note from the author feature when you want to add a personal touch to your writing.
  • Idea #4: Use it as an extended call-to-action with a button at the end.
  • Idea #5: Organize a list post by making each Callout an action step.

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Using the Callout is similar to the new Content Upgrade—simply select it from the Marketers Delight Blocks category and it will auto insert into your post.

You will see three placeholder text area to type from: the headline, description, and bulleted list. The Callout Block works best when all text fields are used and comes with simple design controls that really help you create unique themes in posts.

The Callout Block uses the new Font Icons Library also added in MD4.9.3 which adds a simple select box in the Block sidebar settings you can use to choose from a variety of font icons.

If you’d rather use an image at the top of your Callouts, you upload a small 100×100 image that will show in the icons place.

This is personally my favorite MD Block, and I know you will get a ton of usage out of it in your own posts!

3.) Add the Bouncing Arrow for Flow

The last new Block added in MD4.9.3 is is the Bouncing Arrow Block, which helps you add a subtle feeling of flow throughout your posts. You’ve certainly seen it in this very post, and you can use it to subtly break up sections in long posts.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this Block as it comes with no customization options (talk about as simple as can be!). I had always added this arrow to my posts in the past with this bit of HTML code and various MD helper classes:

<p class="bounce text-center"><i class="md-icon-angle-down large-title"></p>

…but that can really be a mouth full to write! Now this same snippet is condensed into a new Gutenberg Block, and I hope you can appreciate the nice touch this simple element will add to your posts.

New Blocks + Gutenberg Styles Now Available in Marketers Delight

Marketers Delight is one of the most Gutenberg optimized themes available in the market, and that’s not just me screaming to you about some buzzword.

MD Blocks are designed to dazzle your readers with words, not trick them by dead aesthetics.

Use a Callout to create unique themes and structures within your posts; deliver bonus content with Content Upgrades and watch your engagement skyrocket.

The entire MD theme is built just like each Block—to get you results.

Marketers Delight is an entire design system specially built to add professional marketing features like share buttons, email form integrations, popups, and more in one place without slowing down your WordPress site.

Using the MD Site Designer you can add your own design touches through your site by choosing fonts from Google Fonts or Typekit, and setting your brands colors (all of which is integrated into your Gutenberg editor).

Make these decisions once and watch as MD styles your entire site—frontend and your admin panel—to make you feel more at home using WordPress.

Marketers Delight is rapidly growing and getting great new feature updates like this all of the time. If you’re reading this before the summer of 2019, expect some seriously huge improvements coming soon in the upcoming MD Summer Initiative.

The best way to stay up to date with all that’s going on with Marketers Delight is to join the newsletter, where I only send you new releases, tutorials, and exciting sneak peaks as I have them. Signup for free below:

P.S. Don’t forget the Email Form block (above) which was MD’s first Block release back in January.


Alex is the 29 years old creator of Marketers Delight.

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