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HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is the primary web language that content is shown on your website. HTML contains a variety of tags that denote different types of content and have semantic implications in the eyes of search engines and default browser styles. The more orderly the underlying markup generally the more orderly[…]

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PHP stands for PHP: HyperText Processor and is the dynamic web language used for many important tasks such as pulling content from your site’s database, performing automated tasks, making calculations on the fly, and other kinds of dynamic tasks that require server power to process. PHP is the most important language used in WordPress, and[…]

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The Stream is a unique feature in Marketers Delight that allows you to create a type of micro blog that mimics the addictive format of social media. By enabling the Stream on your website you will be able to post quick thoughts to your site from a similar interface as the post editor, and serves[…]

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Coda 2 is the recommended text editor and FTP app for Mac that is recommended for quickly working on custom changes through your Child Theme. The benefit to merging a rich code editor and an FTP together is as you are done making changes to any PHP, HTML, or CSS file, simply saving your changes[…]

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FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is the simplest concept available for editing files on a server. You can interact with the entire WordPress filesystem, including your own Child Theme, to make any changes to PHP, HTML, or CSS files and then upload them back to the server to display to your website visitors.[…]

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You can install a set of tools called Drop-ins, available for MD only, that allow you to drop-in powerful and fun new features to your websites. You can browse the official MD Drop-ins Library to download the drop-in files and securely install the .zip file to your website. From there, the new drop-in code will[…]

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A Child Theme is a custom theme you add to your site that houses all of your custom code changes to the main Theme. In this case, Marketers Delight is your Parent Theme and gives you the ability to install a Child Theme and keep your custom HTML, CSS, and PHP changes separate. The reason[…]

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