Easy: How to display call to actions to logged-in users only (and more)

A great way you can quickly enhance your call to action offers is to show the most useful offers whether a user is logged in or logged out.

Call to action user logged in settings

After you’ve created a new call to action in MD > Optins you can choose the “Display” tab to show the criteria for which to show your current CTA.

In just the flick of a switch you can broadcast your new call to action, and even customize more than just the user’s login status.

But for a simple example look no further than this page right now.

If you are currently logged-in to your MD downloads area you will not see an offer to buy MD at the bottom of this page.

…but if you are not-logged in, you will see a big offer that directs you to buy Marketers Delight, the smart WordPress marketing theme:

What do you see?

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