MD Optins is a new suite of tools available for Marketers Delight that adds a variety of tightly integrated and beautifully customizable call to actions, floating bars, and popups.

At first glance it seems basic, but MD Optins helps you deploy optin forms designed and timed the way you need them to be for maximum impact upon arrival, and are easy to close without annoying your readers.

Using MD Optins on your site is quite intuitive, but there are 5 things you should know right now to walk into your site like a pro.

1) There are three kinds of Optin Forms (for now)

When you login to WP Admin > MD > Optins you will see different optin types available for deployment around your website.

The first kind is a simple Call to Action box with pre-designed fields ready for you to plug your content into and go. Create email form boxes, button boxes, and customize them with design settings and text fields.

Here is a simple example of making a button call to action open a popup:

You can even control where your optins load all over your site from the same controls, which gives you the ability to truly refine your offers across your site.

Floating Bar Optins

As you may have just seen, you can also create Floating Bars and Popups optins which demand more attention from your readers when used.

(From my own experience myself and clients have found success showing Floating Bars after 35% of the page is scrolled down… but we’ll talk about that in a moment.)

Floating Bar optin form

In addition to superb deployment settings, MD Optins also uses the Customizer to create a simple live preview Popups designer with 5 ready-made templates.

…but I’ll let you see that one for yourself! (and in another article)

Now, with the options in front of you, it is time to hone your understanding further.

2) Chain Optins together to create effective follow-ups

Where Call to Actions are generally just static boxes that will deploy to the part of your layout you choose, Floating Bars and Popups are more dynamic kinds of elements, and thus can be used more methodically.

That’s why when you deploy multiple Floating Bars or Popups to the same page, rather than overlapping on top of each other they will smartly load one at a time after the previous optin is closed.

In other words you can “chain” your optins together to load in an order that may be more compelling to your visitors.

In case this all sounds confusing, let me create a quick example for you:

Imagine you’ve deployed an important popup to show 3 seconds after your site’s front page has loaded.

Once the reader closes it and reads the rest of the page, the popup you also added shows after 80% of the page has been scrolled (as if to spoil the ending to something?).

So on and so forth.

Again, part of MD Optins is not to overwhelm your readers and nothing kills conversion rates more than showing multiple aggressive offers at the same time.

Speaking of chains, did you know it is possible to chain popups together in the new Popups Designer?

After you’ve created two popups you want to chain together, edit the popup first in line and connect the Button settings to “show popup.”

3) Prevent Optins From Showing Twice With Cookies

Part of the art of negotiation is to know when to walk way, and that goes for your more aggressive optin offers. That’s where cookies come in, and the idea is simple:

Upon closing you can set the number of days to hide any Floating Bar and Popup before it shows again. That way when a readers closes it MD Optins will tell the browser not to show it again for your set number of days.

By default no cookies are set on any Optins but you can easily add the number of days from the settings fields.

4) Create, Add, and Remove Optins on a Page by Page Basis

Here is a feature that makes MD Optins truly outstanding. Not only can you deploy optins globally from the MD settings panel, you can also edit them down to the individual page… and categories!

Yes that’s right, available from the Edit Post and Edit category screens you can create custom Call to Actions and Floating Bars, and also add/edit Popups on a page by page basis!

While MD Optins gives you that easy sitewide control, stepping into the post editor is a whole different story! From here you will be able to add and remove any optins globally set on this page, and even create totally from scratch Call to Actions and Floating Bars.

This will help you keep your main MD Optins settings free of clutter while giving you the freedom to still create custom offers.

5) Use MD Optins to create offers, and also enhance reader experiences

Marketing websites get a bad reputation for having aggressive optin forms, and despite the less relevant by the day “but they just work!” mentality, we have an opportunity with MD Optins to use these elements to delight.

Take my example, while launching the newest version of product I added a darkened out floating bar to the top of the MD website for a week to start notifying people that MD5.0 was almost ready for download.

I also set a cookie to hide it for 30 days after close for anybody who didn’t want to keep seeing the message.

After I launched, I deleted this floating bar and created a new one. The reason I deleted it is because even if I change the text of this Floating Bar, anyone who closed it with a cookie wouldn’t see it.

The launch Floating Bar was a lot more lively and with a nice icon for peak sensory pleasure.

Think it got the message across?

What’s Your Favorite Feature of MD Optins?

With these five ideas in mind, you are now armed with everything you need to begin deploying effective and highly noticeable optin forms around your site with ease!

In the comments below, tell me about your favorite feature and how you used it to deploy an optin form. Be sure to also include your link so myself and the MD community can prove you really did it. 😉

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