How Marketers Delight + ConvertKit Takes Your Blog to the Next Level

an example of an email form you can create with MD + ConvertKit

When you take 2 different tools specially built for bloggers and combine them, you get a pretty powerful result.

Today I’m happy to announce that Marketers Delight, the WordPress theme + plugin suite designed for conversions and ConvertKit, the email marketing platform for bloggers, now integrate together to help turn your online presence into a lean, mean, lead machine.

To get this integration to your existing MD site, update the Marketers Delight theme + plugin from your dashboard. MD4.3.3 is also available in your Kolakube account

How to Connect ConvertKit to Marketers Delight

With Marketers Delight, getting your email forms hooked into ConvertKit is easy.

Make sure both the MD theme + plugin are active in your WordPress dashboard then head over to Appearance > Email Forms and select ConvertKit from the list of integrations.

Next, you’ll need to enter your ConvertKit API key, which you can find by clicking the handy “Get Authorization Code” button.

Connect Marketers Delight to ConvertKit

…once connected, you’ll be able to select any email list you’ve created from ConvertKit throughout your website with just a few clicks.

You can use your ConvertKit email forms anywhere you can place an email form with Marketers Delight through the MD Email Widget, Page Leads, After Post tools, and even in the upcoming MD Popups addon.

WordPress Email Forms

Start Building Websites That Delight

You can use the Marketers Delight WordPress Theme on unlimited sites. New features & updates are delivered to sites with your active license key.

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  1. Cannot get the ConvertKit API to connect with new MD version.

    Any tips?

    I have subscribers and a form created in ConvertKit.

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