As of Marketers Delight 4.3.1, email integration for ActiveCampaign has been built in to make adding email forms to your site code-free!

You can watch this quick video for a guided view or just skim through the quick instructions below.

Step 1: Get API URL + Key From Your ActiveCampaign Account

First, login to your ActiveCampaign account and go to My Settings at the top right of the screen. Once you’re on the Settings page, click the API tab to find your API URL + Key.

How to Connect ActiveCampaign to Marketers Delight

Step 2: Add API Information into Your WordPress Dashboard

Once you have your API information, it’s time to connect ActiveCampaign to your site. In your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Tools > Email Forms to go to the email connection screen.

Find ActiveCampaign from the list of available services then enter your API information into the right text box (there’s one box for your API URL and another for your API Key).

Once you’ve entered those keys, go ahead and click Connect. In just a few seconds your site will be connected to ActiveCampaign and you can being filling out information to your default email form.

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