How to Verify Forum Users to Get Official Support on the MD Forums

As of Monday, September 21 2020 you can now verify upto 3 accounts to the MD Forums to access the official support forums and upgrade to full posting privileges.

This new account feature is perfect for teams who share an MD license key and want to maintain their own posting history and independent account within the Marketers Delight community.

Now when you go to the MD downloads center you will see a new tab next to your downloads that allows you to upgrade forum accounts.

Enter the usernames of the forum users you wish to promote and give them permissions to enter the “MD customer” forums. Please note that the users must first be registered to the forums, which can be done quickly here.

Also, you may only update forum users once every 24 hours so be sure to have all of the correct information the first time, or remember to update your team member’s accounts periodically.

Once the usernames have been verified you can now check your account(s) at the MD Forums and confirm that you can now post new replies, threads, send messages, and much more. An easy way to tell is your username will be changed to purple:

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