Troubleshooting Guide

Running into issues with your site after updating, installing, or using Marketers Delight? Follow the steps on this page to get through the most commonly solved problems at the MD Forums.

Troubleshooting Marketers Delight

1. My site isn’t loading CSS, or parts of my design don’t reflect styles from the Site Designer

To keep the CSS styles that power your website lightweight, Marketers Delight regularly rebuilds the style.css file on your server. Sometimes the file does not regenerate, causing your site to load either no styles or a limited amount.

To troubleshoot broken or missing CSS, go to MD > Settings > Save. Now return to your site and refresh it to see if it has returned to normal. If not, further troubleshoot the issue by going back to MD > Settings > Site Performance > Print Inline CSS.

Now you should see your site’s design back to normal, or at least loading the full stylesheet again.

This all but confirms that your server is not allowing the MD style.css file to regenerate because it does not have the proper file permissions setup.

You can learn how to change the file permissions of /wp-content/themes/marketers-delight/style.css file from this tutorial on In short: change the permission of MD’s style.css file to 777.

After you correct the permissions, you can disable the Print Inline CSS option to go back to loading style.css.

It can also be useful to know that MD regenerates your site’s stylesheet when:

  • Update to a new MD version
  • Each time you press the save button on MD > Settings
  • Save MD > Site Design Customizer settings
  • Switch between MD and another theme
  • Call md_compile_css() in a template

Still not working? Open a support thread at the MD Forums for assistance.

2. My site looks different after an update

MD offers many exciting updates that often change large parts of your website. As MD has matured over the years, updates have become more stable. However, conflicts can arise with old features or child theme customizations in new versions.

The closer you are to using MD without any child theme customizations, the less likely you will run into these conflicts. Changing CSS classes and overriding templates is where the problems arise, but even this gets fewer by the update.

Read the changelog of any version to see which template files have updated, and compare any MD CSS classes in your child theme stylesheets to how they are on your site after the update to find the most current class names.

Still don’t know what happened? Report your case in the MD Forums for assistance.

3. A feature isn’t working as expected

Sometimes after big releases some features around MD can stop working or they do not act as expected. Sometimes features can also be changed intentionally, which is documented in new blog posts, but if you think that is not the case, help us fix it for future MD releases.

If any feature:

  • Doesn’t save after you make changes
  • Seems to load slowly
  • Works but doesn’t seem to display right

Go to the MD Forums to make a report and it will be investigated. These kinds of issues are fixed with a high priority, so don’t think your time will be wasted!

Sometimes Plugins can break MD’s functionality, and is usually due to scripts conflicts. If you think this is the case test your site after you temporarily disable the Plugin to see if that fixed your issue. If not, help can be provided at the MD Forums.

It is also possible to not be fully familiar with how a feature works, so be sure to read the MD website and demo site for fuller explanations of how to use MD’s features.

4. My site shows errors and warning messages

This can be one of the scarier issues to find, but all can be resolved! There are two types of error messages:

  1. Fatal errors/white screen (website totally unusable)
  2. Error warnings (long, confusing messages show on website)

Enabling error messages

If you only see a white screen and no text, you need to turn on WP_DEBUG (and turn it off when you are done) to show error messages. After you do that, refresh your site to hopefully see the error.

Solving error messages

Now read the error message and look for any keywords that have the name of a Plugin or Theme running on your site.

If you recognize a name, you know the error is coming from that Theme or Plugin. If you have a fatal error, navigate to the correct folder in /wp-content/ via FTP and rename the Theme or Plugin folder to disable it on your site.

If your site works after this, you can continue as best you can and report the bug to the Theme/Plugin owner to hopefully get it fixed.

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