How to Deactivate Site Licenses

Marketers Delight is a single WordPress theme that can be installed on unlimited sites, however, your MD license key includes updates for up to 5 sites. If you want to deactivate MD updates for any of your sites, go to:

  1. My Account
  2. License Key
  3. x/5 sites
  4. (click) Deactivate Site
Deactivate MD license key

Now you will be brought to a page that lists all of the domains your MD license key is active on, or was last used. You can deactivate them manually from this page.

This page is helpful in case you switch domains or delete a site and no longer have access to the MD admin panel to deactivate a license from that site.

Start Building Websites That Delight

You can use the Marketers Delight WordPress Theme on unlimited sites. New features & updates are delivered to sites with your active license key.

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