The Drop-ins Manager in MD5.3 adds a nice interface you can use to install, activate, deactivate, and delete Drop-ins from your site without using any custom code or child themes. This guide shows you where to download Drop-ins and how to install them quickly to your websites.

Step one: Browse the Drop-ins Library

The official MD Drop-ins Library has all approved Drop-ins ready for download to your websites. Some Drop-ins come pre-installed to your website already and others are available for first time download.

Once you find the Drop-in you want to add to your site—in this example we’ll use the Docs Drop-in—you can download the .zip file to your computer.

Step two: Install Drop-in file to your site

Note: This step applies to installing a Drop-in for the first time and upgrading it to a new version later.

Similar to WordPress Plugins, MD Drop-ins can be installed by uploading the .zip file to your website. To install Drop-ins to your site browse to WP admin > Marketers Delight > Drop-ins and click the “Add new” button.

Browse your computer to upload the .zip file to the Drop-in you just downloaded and let MD do the rest!

Install Drop-ins

Step three: Activate Drop-in

After you install each Drop-in the page will refresh and you will now see it available in the Drop-ins list. To activate, scroll down and click the “Activate” checkbox, then click “Save settings” at the bottom of the Manager to activate your new Drop-in.

Activate Drop-ins

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