The way you add and manage features to your site has changed in MD5.3 with the inclusion of the new Drop-ins Manager. To upgrade your licensed websites to MD5.3 follow these simple instructions.

Step one: Backup your site

Marketers Delight 5.3 is considered a major update and performs some intensive actions to make your website compatible with the new Drop-ins Manager.

Namely, the dropins folder that is shipped inside the core MD theme folder is now moved into the wp-content folder during the upgrade process, as well as some database changes to recognize this fact.

This process has been tested extensively over the past few months to ensure a seamless update process for you without data loss, but is it still strongly recommended you make a full site backup before performing this update.

Step two: Auto-update to MD5.3

Now that your site is backed up you can safely upgrade to MD5.3 through the auto-updater or a manual theme re-installation.

To use the auto-update system for ensure your license is active in WP admin > MD > License key. From there you can go to Appearance > Themes to find the update prompt:

Upgrade to Marketers Delight 5.3 from WP Admin.

Simply click the “update now” notice in the alert box to walk through the theme updater process.

Step three: Activate the Drop-ins Manager

Now that your site has been upgraded to MD5.3 you are now ready to activate the brand new Drop-ins Manager. To do this you need to find the Drop-ins Manager installation prompt by navigating to any WP admin page.

For simplicity sake, head over to WP admin > Marketers Delight and you will see the following prompt at the top of the settings panel:

Install the MD5.3 Drop-ins manager

When you are ready simply click the “Update now” button to run the installer. This process will take just a few seconds to complete and will redirect you to the new Drop-ins settings page when finished:

MD Drop-ins Manager

You can now begin installing new Drop-ins to your site. Easy!

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