Email Widget

Marketers Delight adds 3 useful Widgets to your site that make personalizing your sidebars and footer area in MD a little more fun.

With the ability to create custom sidebars on a per page basis, you can build vastly different looking pages by simply dragging a few Widgets into place.

Widget #1: Content Spotlight

The Content Spotlight widget adds a nice and compact way to add blocks of text with a featured background photo to your sidebar. Content Spotlight is especially effective for highlighting your personal favorite articles in your sidebar, or any other pages of importance.

See the blog sidebar for example →

Widget #2: Email Signup Form

The Email Signup Form Widget is exactly what you think it is… and it has direct integration into MD Email Forms to make displaying email forms in any Widget area code-free.

You can also build custom email forms if you choose not to use your default MD email form.

See more of the Email Form Widget →

Widget #3: Text + Image Widget

This simple Widget is an extension of the default Text Widget in WordPress. The only difference being, you guessed it, the ability to upload a small image that aligns to the right of your text. You can see a preview on the MD blog.

Bonus Widget #4: Popular Posts Widget

Inspired by Content Spotlight, this widget simply lists popular posts with the most comments as well as displays the posts featured image above the title. You can download this free addon from the Kolakube Members Forum.

Download the widget →

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