Widgets in Marketers Delight

Basic WordPress Widgets add content and features to your sidebar. This, however, is a list of Widgets only available in Marketers Delight.


Content Spotlight
Use this widget to create a nicely designed image banner and link to any page on your site.

MD Email Signup Forms
Easily place email signup forms with AWeber, MailChimp, or your own custom code.

The Email Signup Form widget can be dragged into any widget area, including your sidebar and footer. Use MD’s custom sidebars feature to create many widget areas and customize each one with its own email form to best match the context of that page.

MD Testimonials
Add a testimonial/quote to any designated widget area! You can also add and manage a testimonial page from your WordPress dashboard using the Testimonials Dropin.

MD Text + Image
Create a Text widget with a small right-aligned image as well as a button.

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