Accordion category links widget

Add extremely helpful category navigation links with an accordion box to your sidebars.

Key Features of the Accordion Category Widget

  • Simple widget settings, create unlimited amount of times and use within MD Custom Sidebars
  • Change widget title, posts per category, and choose which post type to show categories from
  • Uses a lightweight accordion script from MD’s JS library

See demo

The MD Category Accordion Widget for WordPress

Originally designed for the Documentation, this Accordion Widget is a versatile links widget that organizes your latest posts by category in an easy to toggle accordion list.

The Accordion Widget helps your readers better navigate your site in two important ways.

First, the currently active post will be marked as the active in the sidebar as a subtle cue to your reader’s that there is more content like this nearby.

A list of other posts in the same category as the current post will also show in the list, with a link at the very end of the list to view the full category page. Of course, the Accordion style offers a slick way to browse other categories right from the sidebar.

Accordion widget navigation improvements

Next, the Accordion Widget runs a small magic trick that bumps the post’s current category list up to the top of the widget to immediately show related links to the new post in view.

You can use this widget to display blog categories or use in custom post types to show different types of content in this beautiful widget.

Usage and Instructions

As of MD5.2.1 you can go to Appearance > Widgets to add the Accordion to your sidebars.

From the widget settings you can choose which post type to load categories from, using your blog as the default listing.

Accordion Widget category settings

You can filter custom taxonomies in to the md_taxonomy_filter, which also enables MD features to other custom post types and taxonomies.

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