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In the MD Style Guide, I created an epic call-to-action at the end of the post to give my readers more resources on the topic.

Whether you’re creating private members-only content or publishing yet another blog post, chances are you can go through your archives and find a post that your readers may also be interested in reading.

Of course, it’s good strategy to link back to old posts in your newer posts to help your readers find them, but you will also find value by showing a list of related posts at the end of your post.

No, I’m not proposing some new revolutionary idea to you, but I do want to show you that with the Funnel Lead in Marketers Delight, you can create a beautiful listing of handpicked posts to show your readers at the end of your posts with ease.

Find the Funnel Lead in Your Post Editor

You can add the various different Page Leads to different locations of your page right from your post editor! When you’re finished writing your post, scroll down the editor to find the Funnel Page Lead meta box and create a custom Lead.

Once you create the custom Funnel Lead, you can being entering your text and post images from the convenient options panel as shown below:

Funnel Lead meta box

Simple enough right? You can preview what the Funnel Lead will look like before publishing by clicking the “Preview” button in your post editor.

A few tips:

  • Find post images to show as teaser images to make your related posts section look more visually appealing.
  • Write a concise, catchy title and description text to describe what the post is about.
  • Use your imagination. You don’t have to limit the Funnel Lead (or other Page Leads) to just related posts — you can fill in any content you want and trust MD will present it in a beautiful way.

Bonus: Add an Email Signup Form Below Recommended Reading

Marketers Delight also comes with the Email Lead, which makes it incredibly easy to display a beautiful email signup form throughout your page.

In the screenshot you saw at the beginning of this post, I attached an email form to the end of the reading list. By following the same process I outlined above, you can display the Email Lead in a similar manner to what you created with the Funnel Lead.

You can even get creative and change the background color or upload a background photo to make the design stand out even more.

How to add email signup forms to WordPress
To ensure the email form appears below your reading list, set the position to 11.

My challenge to you: It’s easy to use these features, just plug in your content and go. Take 5 minutes to go to one of your more popular posts and add a custom-curated list of recommended posts that your readers will also enjoy (like I have below ↓).


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  1. Awesome idea! The available plugins rarely seemed to work the way I’d like, so this is a great solution.

    I’m using the sidebar for recommended content, but it may not necessarily be targeted towards the content the visitor is currently viewing.

    I’ll have to implement this when I get back to my laptop!

    • Agreed. The big upside to those plugins is that they’ll add the posts automatically whereas this is manual, but I say the end result is worth it!

      I actually just copied your sidebar a bit and added a bunch of post blocks to my sidebar heh. Looking forward to seeing how you use these features!

  2. Awesome looking bro.. Thanks for that. Its looks awesome!

  3. Nice feature.

    I use it for displaying 3 featured post on my homepage.

    Create page and add 3 featured post to funnel page lead…

    …and set this page as front page in Reading Settings.

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