How to Create a Coming Soon Page That Captures Email Signups

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Whether you’re building a new blog or are on the brink of releasing a new product, building up hype and interest before they’re released can help you with your launch tremendously.

As nerve-wracking as showing off something that isn’t done yet can be, it gives you an opportunity to collect feedback and gauge your reader’s interest in what you’re about to release.

I can personally attest to this as I created a quick page here to show off one of my upcoming products, MD Popups.

You’ll notice on that page I have an email signup form to encourage anybody interested in MD Popups to signup to my mailing list so I can email them when it’s ready.

I’m going to show you how to make a page similar to the screenshot above with Marketers Delight.

Step 1: Connect to an Email Service

If you already did this, skip down to step 2 ↓

In order to place an email form on your site (without dealing with a nightmare of code), you must first connect to an email service. Once you’re connected, placing email forms will be easy.

To connect MD to your email service provider, login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Email Forms then follow the easy connection process.

Step 2: Add a New Page

From your dashboard, create a new page you wish to use as your coming soon page and name it accordingly to your offer.

By default, each new page shows an empty content box with your post’s headline and text in it. Due to the simplicity of this page we’re going to remove those elements and only display an email signup form there (of course, you can keep if you’d like).

To remove the content box, find the Layout options in your page editor and check the “Remove Content Box” option.

Layout options WordPress post editor

Step 3: Add Email Form

Located very close to the Layout options is the Email Lead settings panel. Find it and enable the Email Lead, then choose your email list and enter your compelling signup form copy.

The options are pretty straightforward and Marketers Delight will take care of the heavy lifting that goes into beautifully designing your email form.

Email Signup Form

That’s all there is to it! If you liked this tutorial, feel free to leave a comment with the coming soon page you created. I’d love to see how you’re using MD to build your own coming soon pages!

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