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Paste into your child theme's functions.php file

 * Overwrite default image sizes added by the MD theme.
function md_child_theme_image_sizes( $sizes ) {
	$sizes['md-banner'] = array(
		'width' => 1000,
		'height' => 500
	return $sizes;
add_filter( 'md_filter_image_sizes', 'md_child_theme_image_sizes' );

Change Default MD Image Sizes

MD comes with a set of image sizes that are used to size certain images around your site, like the featured image for example. You can change the image size pixel values of those sizes with the convenient md_filter_image_sizes.

Here are the default image sizes in MD:

	$sizes = array(
		'md-full' => array(
			'width'  => 1118,
			'height' => 350
		'md-banner' => array(
			'width'  => 600,
			'height' => 250
		'md-image' => array(
			'width'  => 325,
			'height' => 425
		'md-thumbnail' => array(
			'width'  => 80,
			'height' => 80

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