Marketers Delight 5.5.8 2 changes

Released: May 23, 2023

  • Block editor bug fixes and compatibility updates
  • Drop-in updates: Optins 1.0.11, Share 1.0.5

Marketers Delight 5.5.7 6 changes

Released: January 5, 2023

  • Applies background colors to note and alert classes in Blocks Editor
  • Adds placeholder parameter to textarea fields created with the MDAPI
  • Adds title attribute to md_icon( $args )
  • Now allows the secondary logo to be forcefully turned off by setting the md_filter_logo_alt filter to false
  • Now allows the comment form to be moved before/after comments list. See thread
  • Optins 1.0.9: Pass the echo => true argument to md_email_form( $args ) to echo the email form HTML instead of include

Marketers Delight 5.5.6 5 changes

Released: November 11, 2022

  • Adds media queries for Body typography on mobile (see reference thread for future CSS enhancements)
  • Ensures Typekit files always load before printed inline CSS, if enabled in MD > Settings > Site Tools
  • Developers: Adds new enqueue_priority hook to load priority assets before MD files
  • WordPress 6.1 compatbility
  • Drop-in updates: Stream 1.0.6, Docs 1.1.3, Glossary 1.3.4

Marketers Delight 5.5.5 9 changes

Released: September 24, 2022

  • Applies more consistent class names/markup strcture when cycling between main/secondary logo color schemes in the header
  • SImplifies the localization of admin data passed to the Block Editor and other parts of the WP admin (deprecates md_localize_scripts())
  • Updates all md_has( 'popups' ) drop-in checks to now search for optins
  • Developers: Adds $post_width dynamic CSS helpe variable to return the exact width of the post content in px
  • Developers: Show the md_api->fields->terms field as select box with the select_type parameter
  • Developers: Reorder terms in custom fields with the md_api->fields->terms order parameter
  • Developers: md_api class extensions will now detect new method names post_type_meta and taxonomy_meta to filter your custom post type and custom taxonomy names into the MD settings API. See more about this filter
  • Developers: Adds unit parmeter to md_api->fields->field to add custom value labels outside of text fields.
  • Drop-in updates: Optins 1.0.8, Share 1.0.4, Glossary 1.3.3, Drop-ins Generator 1.2.1

Marketers Delight 5.5.4 2 changes

Released: September 15, 2022

  • Style issue: Resolves slight header style glitch and improves vertical alignment across header items (see reference)
  • Optins 1.0.7 New display locations for inline CTA boxes. You can now insert inline CTAs before/after the first h2 headings in posts, or after the first p paragraph.

Marketers Delight 5.5.3 5 changes

Released: September 8, 2022

  • New: Uses new and improved color picker library, makes it easier for you to choose color on MD settings pages
  • Minor header and menu CSS cleanup, better organization of color controls in MD > Settings > Colors
  • Fixes warning message that may appear on Theme update screen during
  • De-register custom MD image sizes with filter. See more.
  • Optins 1.0.6: Fixes minor warning message on single post editor screen if MD > Optins > Optin is left unnamed.

Marketers Delight 5.5.2 6 changes

Released: August 24, 2022

  • New: Adds an "Excludes" field to Accordion widget settings to exclude categories from accordion lists
  • Featured Image Extra meta box now always shows color picker and text color fields. These options are still only applicable to any Header cover setting
  • Removes link rel="profile" href="" from head in templates/html.php (source)
  • Makes some mobile spacing adjustments to the "Loop: Blocks" blog loop in MD > Content > Loop
  • Simplifies a max-width modification to Block editor in MD's block-editor.css file (source)
  • Optins 1.0.5 ensures changing the text color of "Popup Text" In Popups Customizer shows proper color on frontend

Marketers Delight 5.5.1 5 changes

Released: August 6, 2022

  • Accordion widget: New widget settings to change order of category listings, and other options
  • Accordion widget: Performance tweak for less queries and more accurate results when post is the current screen in widget
  • Corrects the border_color attribute in md_style() function.
  • New Drop-in updates (optional): Stream 1.0.4, Share 1.0.3
  • Adds .italic CSS helper class

Marketers Delight 5.5 43 changes

Released: July 12, 2022

  • NEW: Header styles improved, click-to-toggle sub menus on mobile
  • NEW: MD Dynamic JS compiles your lightweight scripts.js file to only print the scripts your site uses
  • NEW: Set logged-in/logged-out header menu in Appearance > Menus
  • NEW: Moves "Site Design" admin links to the MD dashboard for faster admin navigation
  • NEW: MD > Settings > Site Tools > Optimize WP now also removes inline CSS added from Block Editor if setting enabled
  • NEW: MD now only ships with the following drop-ins on install: Optins, Share, Scripts Manager, Stream. Download all drop-ins from your MD account area
  • Adds "Header text color" control to MD > Settings > Colors
  • Adds "Main Menu link hover" control to MD > Settings > Colors
  • Simplifies the label of admin settings in MD > Settings > Colors
  • Organizes MD > Colors > Main menu controls for easier color picking
  • Easily copy any installed font icon's unicode in MD > Settings > Icons
  • HTML Markup: Adds the_content ID to main content container per page. Returns the equivalent of the_content()
  • Stylesheet: Loads child theme stylesheet after drop-in files for complete customization and overrides
  • Scripts: Revised sticky and scroll scripts for more accurate timing
  • Style: Made spacing between teasers loop items smaller for better flow on mobile
  • Share 1.0.2: Changes default share icons order, now includes comments button by default
  • Share 1.0.2: Hides comments button on non-single pages
  • Share 1.0.2: Fixes incorrect post ID when a post is liked from a category or archives page
  • WooCommerce 1.0.3: Moves admin settings page to MD > Integrations settings page
  • WooCommerce 1.0.3: Unloads admin settings if WooCommerce plugin is uninstalled/inactive
  • Adds site title to title tag of site logo
  • When certain features are disabled, customization options in Edit Post > Layout > Add/Remove X" will be adjusted accordingly
  • Developers: Load new HTML blocks directly before #the_content with the new hook add_action( 'md_hook_before_the_content', 'your_function_name ); hook
  • Developers: When applicable, loads MD admin scripts hooked to admin_print_footer_scripts further down the page
  • Developers: Created new templates/featured-image.php for featured image markup. Can override by copying file path and contents in to child theme
  • Developers: Write your own dynamic JavaScript from the js.php file in any drop-in folder
  • Developers: New variables for use in css.php files: $admin_bar_height, $admin_bar_height_mobile, $submenu_width
  • Developers: Add 'inline' => true to your custom admin checkbox controls to display checkboxes in one line
  • Developers: Restrict custom meta box to post ID with post_id parameter in md_api->register()
  • Developers: New admin hook: add_action( 'md_hook_content_settings', 'your_function_name' );
  • Developers: Run md_compile(); PHP function during wp_enqueue_scripts to re-compile style.css and scripts.js
  • Developers: Add your own precise JavaScript scroll event to a class extension of md_api->onscroll
  • Code cleanup: Moves leftover code from MD core to the Optins 1.0.4 drop-in
  • Code cleanup: Re-organized /lib/admin/ settings folders
  • Scripts: Adds Secure attribute on cookie creation to remove browser console deprecation errors
  • Footnotes 1.0.2: Updates JS handling for new MD JS Manager
  • Admin Bar 1.1.2: Updates former "Site Design" control to link to main MD settings page
  • Footnotes 1.0.2: Updates JS handling for new MD JS Manager
  • Share 1.0.2: Updates JS handling for new MD JS Manager
  • Optins 1.0.2: Updates JS handling for new MD JS Manager
  • Optins 1.0.2: Fixes JS error message when pressing ESC key without popup in view.
  • Beacon Menu 1.0.2: Minor drop-down menu spacing adjustments
  • Beacon Menu 1.0.2: Moves settings to MD > Settings > Header > Beacon Menu

Marketers Delight 3 changes

Released: November 30, 2021

  • Throws less aggressive error if theme updater can't make connection
  • Expands Loop and Sidebar settings to Tag and Author pages.
  • Adds userID parameter to localized JS script

Marketers Delight 5.3.2 28 changes

Released: November 16, 2021

  • NEW: Skip the plugin, you can now enable "Classic widgets" by going to MD > Site Tools
  • NEW: Adds support for Page Break block and adds pagination when splitting posts into parts
  • NEW: Improves font icon performance with preload and font display
  • NEW in Stream drop-in: Auto-post to stream when you publish new post or other post type with Stream Activity
  • NEW in Docs drop-in: Change singular or plural name of entire "Docs" pages in the settings page.
  • NEW in Admin bar drop-in: Now add quick links to admin pages with easy settings in MD > Settings > Admin bar
  • NEW in Beacon menu drop-in: Adds user avatar size to MD > Settings > Beacon menu
  • Updates Block Editor stylesheets for more consistent post content rendering in admin and frontend.
  • Changes the Editor background if body/content box set to dark color
  • Updates default typography values for clearer hierarchy in headings
  • Ensures inline styles print to frontend and admin if option enabled in MD > Settings > Site Tools
  • Fixes warning message on Block Editor page for custom block registration
  • Stream: Fixes post cutoff on main Streams page in WP admin (pre_get_posts overreach)
  • Stream: Ensures Thread posts show proper featured image
  • Breadcrumbs: If custom blog page set from Settings > Reading, use page title in breadcrumbs
  • MD Admin Bar: Now shows/hide based on Edit User > Show Toolbar when viewing site
  • Docs: Now shows/hides breadcrumbs based on MD > Site Design > Content
  • Related Posts: Minor background style CSS tweak
  • Optins: Minor background style CSS tweak
  • md_icon() now accepts style parameter to $args to add inline styles to icon. Uses full md_style() parameters.
  • Adds hide_links to author byline item to hide social links
  • Can now save rel= attribute to text inputs (adds permission through md_sanitize on save)
  • Adds alt text to secondary logo image (if uploaded via MD Site Design)
  • Removes support for now defunt "Subtitles" WordPress plugin (use MD "Subtitles" drop-in instead)
  • Shows proper shadows on image captions
  • Better content / sidebar top alignment when breadcrumbs enabled
  • Connects author page loop and sidebar display to global loop settings
  • Hides button from Content Spotlight block when button text empty

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