Static websites are boring—here’s how to bring your site back to life with the Stream

You do everything you can to engage your audience.

You tweet daily, write compelling headlines, and send out emails regularly.

You reply to your customer’s comments, post interesting photos on Instagram, and write great blog posts.

There’s only one problem…

Everyone else is doing these things too.

The average person is bombarded with information on a daily basis.

Getting your audience to remember who you are is difficult – even if you’re doing everything right.

Potential customers have very short attention spans.

We can’t help it; otherwise we’d spend half the day sifting through information.

Let me illustrate this point with a personal example:

I went through my emails yesterday and opened up a message from someone I vaguely remember.

I looked at the message and clicked the link to his website. The website looked pretty interesting, but nothing stood out.

I went back to my email inbox and looked at the message count. 224 unread messages.

Too many emails, too little time.

His website looked good, but I only have time for great.

Click. Unsubscribe. Bye forever.

Maybe that person’s blog was compelling.

Maybe his product would have improved my life.

Maybe it was great.

But I can’t give every website a fair chance.

I’m forced to make snap decisions about who I listen to because there’s too much information.  

There’s simply too many voices, too many websites, too many emails.

If you’re not immediately memorable, you’re gone.

So how do you become memorable?

You give the customer a personalized, curated experience. You use the Stream.

Bring the Engagement of Social Media Back to Your Website with The Stream

Engage your audience with the stream

The Stream is like your own little island.

Everyone that visits is there for you.

Gone are the Twitter preachers on their soapbox, the media provocateurs, and relentless entertainers.

It’s just you and your message. You have a direct line to your audience.

You can use this power to build a strong connection.

Your audience will get to know you.

What you are up to, what you feel like, what you are thinking.

It’s what social media should be: your message delivered straight to your audience.

Get your audience to start viewing your stream and they’ll start seeing you as a person.

Not a faceless marketer or a boring brand – a real, bleeding person just like them.

The Stream develops a real connection over time. It shows your audience a side of you that transcends blog posts, social media, and even video.

They get the little details, the behind-the-scenes content, the thoughts that make up “the man behind the mask.”

Don’t get the wrong idea—this isn’t about creating a soapbox for yourself but an interactive and easily digestible stream of content that is fun to engage with.

The Stream is exclusively available in Marketers Delight, all you have to do is enable it from the Settings panel and begin writing.

Here are some ideas to help get you started with your own Stream:

Idea #1: Give Words of Wisdom

You know those times when you have a great “stream” of thought?

Every entrepreneur has these occasional whirlwinds of brilliant ideas.

Now you can share them instantly with your audience right on your website.

Your Stream is best suited for short content, but you can expand any idea infinitely with the Thread feature and break your ideas down into mini-streams on the same page (see an example).

Threaded Statuses MD Stream

An added bonus is you get to see what resonates with your audience. You can see how many “likes” each post receives.

This is an excellent way to “tighten up” (link) your message.

If a certain post gets a lot of upvotes you can expand on it in the form of a video, blog article, or even a new feature on your product.

The Stream works both for you and your audience by giving you an easy and fast way to communicate through your website, and them a simple way to send fast feedback.

Idea #2: Offer Exclusive Discount Codes

Your Stream should be a place readers and clients check habitually.

Create this atmosphere by offering “secret” discount codes only available only to those who check your Stream.

Tell you customers in advance that you periodically offer “flash” discounts on your Stream so it’s in their best interest to check regularly.

Idea #3: Update Your Customers on Your Product

Customers love getting a behind-the-scenes look at what’s coming in the future.

Use the Stream to give them a direct line into your product’s development or the creation of a future blog post.

Use the Stream to explain why you’re so excited about your new creation, and how it can improve your customer’s life.

Enthusiasm is contagious and people will only believe in your product as much as you do. Think of the Stream as your own platform to broadcast your enthusiasm and watch as your audience becomes excited about what you’re doing because of it.

Idea #4: Say What You’re Thinking

Use your Stream to get personal.

Talk about your frustration with an unprofessional supplier.

Talk about a personal anecdote that relates to your product.

Post a new positive email you received from one of your customers.

Tell your audience how grateful you are for their attention.

Talk about how much you enjoyed (or hated) the new Game of Thrones episode.

Your customers and readers will love hearing your personal take on day-to-day life.

They will warm up to you over time, and thus start paying more attention to what you promote.

Excited to Start Streaming? Get Started With Marketers Delight Today

The Stream is included with every purchase of Marketers Delight.

It’s extremely easy to use and makes every website better.

It’s one of my personal favorite features.

Create your first Stream today, and post a link to it in the comments.

We can’t wait to see you use this incredible feature. 

Jake O’Callaghan is a freelance writer and blogger. He has used Marketers Delight for years on multiple websites. His current project is Wolf With Wings—a blog on personal transformation.

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About Jake O'Callaghan

Jake O’Callaghan is a full-time freelance writer and digital entrepreneur. He has used Marketer's Delight exclusively on all his websites for over 4 years. Need a writer that will get results for your business?

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  1. Great stuff Jake.

    The Stream has doens of use-cases.

    It’s really only limited by ones imagination. If you publish content online, you can definitely find ways to use it.

    I plan on using the Stream as a way to update my subscribers and casual visitors alike.

    It really brings blogging back to its essence.

    • Hey Ray,

      Well-put. I think in many ways blogging is going “back to basics”, and as you said the stream is an excellent tool for simple, direct communication – which, if you ask me, is what blogging is all about at its’ core.

      I looked on your website and see that you offer premium content.

      Since you’re getting people to pay for your words, your audience really must salivate over what you have to say.

      This made me think – maybe a good option is to offer the Stream as an exclusive feature of a premium subscription. If your audience values what you say enough to pay money, they’d definitely see direct, exclusive access to your thoughts as a benefit.

      Yet another interesting way to use the Stream!

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