Filter: Add/remove sidebars

The md_filter_has_sidebar filter allows you to bypass the MD sidebar controls and conditionally add/remove the sidebar on any page.

By loading the filter through template_redirect we can use a WordPress conditional tag to ensure the filter only fires on the page(s) we want it to.

When using the filter you only need to choose the conditions and return a value of true or false to add/remove the sidebar from the given page. This would usually be done by creating a function with either return value, but we can instead use the native WordPress return functions to save us some code:

  • __return_true()
  • __return_false()

This code snippet ADDS the sidebar to author pages and REMOVES the sidebar from a specific post category page. You can repeat this action as many times as you need.

Note: loading this filter without any kind of conditional tag will affect the behavior of your sidebar sitewide so be careful to only use this filter in the right context.